Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
First Published: 2012
Genre: Dystopian, Young Adult
Length: 525 pages
Buy on: Book Depository
Rating: ★★★★

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     Insurgent is a 2012 science fiction young adult novel by American novelist Veronica Roth, the second book in the Divergent trilogy. As the sequel to the 2011 bestseller Divergent, it continues the story of Tris Prior and the dystopian post-apocalyptic version of Chicago.

     Following the events of the previous novel, a war now looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows. While trying to save the people that she loves, Tris faces questions of grief, forgiveness, identity, loyalty, politics, and love.

     I read a quarter of Insurgent, moved to a different state, and forgot about it for a couple months. When I was in a reading slump, I decided to pick it up again. In two days, I finished reading it. It was beautiful to be back in the world of Divergent.

     Unlike Divergent, this book just felt repetitive. There was no new material until the ending, it was just a constant snowball of them trying to overthrow Jeanine Matthews, and the Erudite faction. Tris wasn’t as likable in this book either. After suffering the loss of her parents, she just stayed in a constant mindset of wanting to die for her parents. She was whinier than ever, and very un-Tris. She wasn’t being the strong, kick-ass leading lady. I know that people are meant to have different emotions, but to have her go from a regualr range of emotions to just one flat emotion was very boring.

     Overall, Insurgent wasn’t entirely terrible. Though the plot was lacking, I still couldn’t put Insurgent down. There were some quips between Tris and other characters, and those are what really helped make it more enjoyable to read. When Tris ‘got her act together,’ and started to come out of her rut, Insurgent ended up being much more interesting. It had its lows, and it had some highs. If you’ve read Divergent, you still should read Insurgent!

     Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “INSURGENT | REVIEW

    • wondrousreviews says:

      Hi Vivian!

      I have read Allegiant, but I can’t even bring myself to write a review for it.
      I just don’t think my words would coherently portray how sad/angry I am with the ending!
      As for Tris in Insurgent, she was just a nightmare to me.


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