Title: Why Dogs Are…
Author: Tana Thompson
First Published: 2014
Genre: Children’s, Christian
Length: 32 pages
Buy on: Book Depository
Rating: ★★★★★

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**I received an eARC of Why Dogs Are, from Carpenter’s Son Publishing, in exchange for an honest review.**

     “Why Dogs Are tells the story of how a dog teaches some life lessons to a very special child. It seeks to explore the concept of God’s unconditional love and how someone without the ability to see or hear can comprehend its scope and His impact in our lives.”

     I must say, I really liked this book. Why Dogs Are is a heart touching story about a young boy (Brian) who is blind and deaf. God sends down a dog to be his companion, and to show Brian that God does love him. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous on their own, but paired with Tana Thompson’s writing, they truly shine.

     It is a quick, and beautiful read. After losing my beloved Buddy in July, it’s been a tough time; this book rang true for me. I ended up tearing up toward the end. Dogs are very special companions, as Brian learns. I have no grievances with this book. I would recommend this book to any child, or anyone who loves dogs.


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