I recently got a Kindle Fire HD 7 (two days ago). I’ve had issues with it for all the two days I’ve owned it.

Every time I went to listen to music, download a book, app, or a song, it would just cut off. The screen would go black. I’d have to wait 2-5 minutes before attempting toΒ turn it back on. I’d press the power button, and the powering on “Kindle Fire” screen would pop-up. Then it would just shut off again before even getting to the home screen. I’d have to try to turn it back “on” numerous times before it was a success.

I let it slide on the first day of having it, thinking maybe I just needed to let it charge more before I used it a lot. Second day of having it, as inΒ today, the troubles kept happening. They got even worse, actually. I’d go to listen to a song, and it would cut off. It wouldn’t turn back on forΒ HOURS.

The whole time I’m just thinking to myself, “I just wanted to listen to Mambo No. 5.”

So, I left the tablet alone for 8 hours, and it wouldn’t turn back on. I let it charge, and it came on. I went to play another song, and it cut off. It still hasn’t come back on. Β It’s been another seven hours.

After doing four hard-resets, one factory reset, and spending numerous hours of charging/ignoring the tablet, I contacted Amazon. They tried to get me to do another factory reset, and hard reset – no, Amazon, I did those. They didn’t work.

Now, they’re sending me a new tablet, and I am very grateful for that. The two people I talked to were very helpful, and were very kind/understanding. I’m just really hoping that this new tablet doesn’t have the same problems. 😦


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