Zali Luna Movie Star

Title: Zali Luna: Movie Star
Author: Emma Jamvold
First Published: 2015
Genre: Young adult
Buy on: Amazon
Rating: ★★★★ (3.75 / 5)

*** I received a free digital copy of Zali Luna: Movie Star from the author, Emma Jamvold, in exchange for an honest review. ***

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Sixteen-year-old school girl Zali Luna has just been cast in her first Very Big Movie. But while going to Sydney and working with her gorgeous, world famous co-star Oliver Lamond is a dream come, Zali also has a very big problem. 

     She’s pretty sure that she’s the only sixteen-year-old girl in the world who hasn’t been kissed, and soon she’s going to have to kiss Oliver on screen.

     Zali’s determined to get some kissing practice in before the big day, but there’s her malicious rival, child star Emma Small to contend with, and then there’s Harry, who may have feelings for Zali that go deeper than just friendship.

Zali Luna: Movie Star was a very cute story to read!

The main character, Zali, has just gotten her first big role in a movie. Her male counterpart is Oliver Lamond, an already established (and really cute!) actor. In their upcoming movie, Vampyre, they share a kissing scene. Here’s the twist: Zali has never been kissed!

In the book, Zali faces two “big” challenges:

1.) Get kissed before her big kiss scene with Oliver.
2.) Find out why Emma Small, another actress in the movie, is trying to make her life a nightmare.

Although the book was fairly short, there was definitely character growth. You see Zali go from an over-enthusiastic teenager, to a more grown-up version of herself. She learns more about the world of acting, and film-making.

The characters were enjoyable enough, and it was fairly well-written. It was a really easy, cute read. I think it would be appropriate for middle-schoolers/13+.

Also, I would like to say a quick thank you to Emma Jamvold for letting me read/review her book!

Have a great day!


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