Title: Golden
Author: Melinda Michaels
First Published: 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Magical Realism, (loose) Fairy-tale Retelling
Buy on: Amazon
Rating: ★★★★

‘Continue reading’ for review + info about the author | Read review on Goodreads**I received an eARC of Goldern from REUTS Publications, in exchange for an honest review.**

     “High school senior Hanna Loch just suffered a blackout in front of her entire homeroom class. She hasn’t had one in over ten years, and she’s terrified—the last time she blacked out, she woke up with no memory of her life before. To make matters worse, no one can explain why it happens. For Hanna, bad things tend to come in threes.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover it . . .

When she learns she could be a descendant of someone who lived /once upon a time/, Hanna must put her trust in William Vann, a descendant of one of the most hated villains ever known. Their histories are intertwined in more ways than she expected, and he has answers about her past, answers even her family won’t share.

But is it safe to put her trust in someone who appears to be danger reincarnate, while trying to escape the darkness that tried to kill her ten years ago?”


Golden was a little slow going at first, but the pace picked up, and I was enthralled. Being the first book I’ve read by Melinda Michaels, I was a little skeptical about how it was going to go. I was pleasantly surprised, and found myself to be totally in love with her writing.

The tension throughout the book was palpable. When William is introduced, and has his own chapters, the tension is practically doubled. I really loved how Melinda was able to focus on two separate lives/worlds. The high school senior’s world of college preparation, graduation, etc. And the world where William comes into play.

I really loved the fairy-tale aspect of Golden. It was a lot darker/heavier than I was anticipating, but that just made me like it so much more. The hinting of the fairy-tale was well-written, and brought about nicely. I will not say which fairy-tale it is loosely based off of – just to avoid spoilers, and such. I will say this: Golden was absolutely brilliant. The characters were likable, and the setting fit it perfectly.

All in all, I was definitely surprised by Golden. It was interesting, beautifully written, and definitely worth reading. Golden is the kind of book that I can see many people finishing in one sitting!

Have a great day!

About the author, Melinda Michaels:


Melinda Michaels is the author of Golden and currently lives in Milford, Pennsylvania. A self-proclaimed historian with a rare sense of humor, Melinda finds an immense amount of joy in knowing useless facts, exploring historical places and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

When she’s not writing she can be found researching obscured time periods for her own amusement or refurbishing old furniture.

Melinda loves Philadelphia and visits often to enjoy the city with her husband Andrew. Together they have three rambunctious pets. Archie the Beagle, Winston the Boston Terrier and Beatrice the cat.

Golden is the first in a Young Adult magic realism series.

Find Melinda Michaels on facebook, twitter, or her website.


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